¡Tacos y Mas!

Powered by the Incredible Edible Egg, the American Egg Board recently teamed up with LATINO Magazine to showcase the varying ways to enjoy breakfast tacos to its magazine’s readers, the Austin community and bloggers from across the country in town for the 2017 BlogHer Food conference in Austin, Texas and against the backdrop of Hispanic Heritage Month.

 It’s no surprise bloggers and foodies came out to celebrate this staple delicious dish — paired cocktails made with freshly whipped egg whites — with both the American Egg Board and LATINO Magazine. During this event, taco expert and Austin resident Mando Rayo, author of Austin Breakfast Tacos: The Story of the Most Important Taco of the Day and The Tacos of Texas, shared the tasty history of the breakfast taco, how it became a foodie phenomenon and the important role it plays in Tex-Mex cuisine – not only in Texas, but across the United States. Known for its wildly popular and tasty taco scene, Austin has a taco dish to satisfy everyone’s cravings and #PutAnEggOnIt makes any dish incredibly delicious.

The American Egg Board is a commodity marketing board led by a distinguished Latina, Anne L. Alonzo who joined as President and CEO this year. AEB enjoys a rich tradition of promoting the Incredible Edible Egg and has done so for more than 40+ years. During her first year at the helm, Alonzo launched efforts to advance AEB’s connection with the Hispanic community—her community—by sharing leading industry-wide endeavors to share more information about eggs, their many benefits and the various ways they can be enjoyed at any time of day.  Hispanic communities contribute mightily to recipe influences found at the American breakfast table – and foodie culture in general. With more than 56.6 million Hispanics, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Hispanics, or 17.6 percent of the U.S. population, the cultural influence of the Hispanic community on America’s favorite breakfast foods equates to plates filled with tasty delights such as beans, rice and salsa paired with the main staple everyone loves – eggs. As Americans become increasingly more multicultural and diverse, in population and with their taste palettes, the American Egg Board recognizes the importance of connecting with Hispanic communities and is committed to educating them about the benefits of eggs.

  Eggs for desayuno are a big part of many traditional breakfast dishes in Latin America and continue to be for the many Hispanics in the United States. See for yourself  in this video at https://vimeo.com/ketchumstudios/review/185071995/fb150bc30d how eggs are integrated into Hispanic dishes such as chilaquiles, huevos rancheros and, of course, egg-filled breakfast tacos – all filled with tasty savory flavors and spice that make the dishes so unique. What’s more, eggs are perfect protein powerhouses, delivering high quality protein – 6 grams in one large egg! They are also inexpensive, nutrient-dense, versatile – the perfect way to start off your weekday routine. And with the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans removing the daily cholesterol limits and recommending eggs in all healthy eating patterns, people can feel good about including them in their diet. So go ahead and enjoy another egg taco!

 Getting hungry? Whip up your own breakfast tacos at home. You can find more recipes featuring the incredible egg at www.incredibleegg.com and check out the American Egg Board’s Twitter @IncredibleEgg for event updates and much more.