Shock and Awe

Latinos are stunned at the outcome
of the election.

By Patricia Guadalupe

Even Dreams Believe

Who is the most powerful L:atino in Hollywood?

By Bel Hernandez Castillo

Tragic Tower

A new documentary revisits a sad
day in Austin.

By Roberto Ontiveros

Never Quit

A Latino veteran makes his
dreams come true.

Gail Fagan and Jennifer Bergholm


Blessings of Betrayal

The blessings of betrayal.

By Roberto Ontiveros

Holiday Sounds

Holiday moods and melodies.

By Mark Holston

Run for the Border

Desierto is not for the faint of heart.

By Bel Hernandez


From Ecuador with Love

Our Afro-Latino heritage.

By John Coppola


Dale Erquiaga and Sean Salas

Angela Arboleda and Ammar Campa-Najjar

Nydia Gutierrez and Valerie Menard

Rosemary Ravinal

Our listing of Latino events for 2017.

Dubraska Vale Lazardy

Alfredo J. Estrada

Jim Lentz

Elizabeth Alegria

Alfredo J. Estrada



The New
Mainstream Economy

Spreading the Word

Covering Latinos

Flying to Cuba

A Tour of Cosme’s Kitchen


2016 ESTRELLA Awards


¡Tacos y Mas!

Business leaders like Sol Trujillo argue that  Latinos are no longer a niche market, but the market itself. Groups such as the Latino Donor Collaborative are driving the point home.

By Patricia Guadalupe

There are few Latinos in the rarified ranks of New York publishing. But a group of publishing professionals wants to change that.

By  Valerie Menard

Were we treated fairly this election? Certainly we weren’t ignored. But according to many journalists, that’s only half the story.

By Esther J. Cepeda

It’s much easier to travel to Cuba these days. And now there are regularly scheduled flights from American, JetBlue, Delta and other airlines.

By Rosemary Ravinal

Enrique Olvera gives us a tour of his new restaurant Cosme, winning rave reviews from diners in New York City.

By Soraya Flores

Recently, LATINO Magazine honored veterans in corporate America, and the companies that hire them like BP, MasTec, UPS and Hilton.

The American Egg Board and LATINO got together to celebrate breakfast tacos.