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Bad News, Good News


The state of Latino journalism is grim. We all know Latinos are the largest minority group in the U.S., at 17.4 percent of the population, but you wouldn’t know it by turning on the news or skimming bylines at any of the major media conglomerates...Read More




“Those who tell the stories rule the world,” says a Hopi proverb. In the age of Facebook and Twitter, that couldn’t be more true or more dangerous. For too long, the Latino narrative has been driven by English-speaking mass media influentials... Read More


Return to Texas


On a beautiful Saturday morning, I sat down with author Sandra Cisneros to discuss her new book A House of My Own, her return to the Texas Book Festival, and her advice for writers. At the breakfast table with a wedding taking place just yards away from us on the banks of Lady Bird Lake in Downtown Austin, we begin our candid conversation...Read More


2015 Nuestro Futuro


The 2015 Latino Education Conference took place on November 20 in our nation’s capital. LATINO Magazine’s sixth annual event brought together several hundred Latino opinion makers, influencers, and community leaders at the Capital Hilton a few blocks from the White House...Read More