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No Show


We are almost there. With the Republican and Democratic National Conventions in the rearview mirror, we enter the last leg of one of the most polarizing U.S. presidential election campaigns in history. And Latino celebrities are just as divided...Read More


Work in Progress


In October 2015, a video called “The Truth About Being A Gay Latino” by Flama’s Gabe Gonzalez made the rounds, noting that it “can place you at the intersection of some bizarre cultural phenomena.”
This is a major understatement. But fast forward... Read More


Hiring Heroes


This is a good time for military veterans looking for a job. The Labor Department reports that unemployment for veterans is lower than the general population (4% for veterans, compared to 5% overall), the lowest it has been in ten years. That’s especiallyl...Read More



Tacos of Texas

By Mando Rayo and Jarod Neece

Rooted in tradicion Mexicana and infused with Texas food culture,
tacos can be eaten all across the Lone Star State. And in Texas, there are plenty of tacos for everyone, from puffy tacos in San Antonio to trompo tacos in Dallas....Read More


Making History in Havana


Only 90 miles from Key West, Cuba has been a forbidden island to most U.S. travelers since the days of the Cold War. But Carnival Corporation’s newest brand, Fathom, made history on May 2, 2016, when it sailed into Havana Harbor. Until that time, no cruise company... Read More