Living a Great Story

Escape to Holbox

Latinos Run

By Casilda Clarich

By  Roberto Santiago

By Patricia Guadalupe

By Janine Schirmacher

Where does one begin to describe Mark Madrid?  For those who have met him, these  words come to mind: energetic, passionate, bold, brazen, fearless, inspirational.  At first introduction, his exuberance is somewhat of a shock, like an electric...Read More

What will it take for Florida to go blue in 2020 and help usher in a Democratic president? A miracle, according to Nelson Diaz, chairman of the Miami-Dade County Republican Party.

“It would take a miracle for the Democrats...Read More

Most airlines have a direct flight to Cancún. My advice is take that flight, and fly, fly away!!! But do not stay there… keep going north to Isla Holbox, an untainted paradise located in the YumBalam Biosphere Reserve in the Mexican state of Quintana...Read More

For María Solís Belizaire, it all started when a friend bailed on her after signing them both up to run in several races. A former athlete in school, it had always been her dream to be a runner, a wish that had largely faded after high school. But several years ago..Read More

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