Staying Focused

Rep. Nanette Diaz-Barragan protects immigrants.

By Erika Hernandez

Unforgettable Flavors

Philip Speer has the hottest restaurant in Austin.

By Stephanie Sanyour

Luis Sanchez runs for re-election in Midland.


Rep. Gil Cisneros


FALL 2019


Getting to Know

Judge Hidalgo

Swing Voters

Deep in the Heart of Texas


America’s Lost Children

Bernie 2020

Champion in Life

Constant Learner

Travel to Cuba?

Lina Hidalgo is a political prodigy who won the election to Harris County Judge in Houston. Now she runs one of the largest counties in the country, and she’s working hard to make a difference.

By Stephanie Sanyour

In Florida, Puerto Rican voters may hold the key to victory in November. Following Hurricane Maria, record numbers moved to the mainland. Many feel neglected, but will it make a difference?

By Roberto Santiago

The Lone Star State is the ultimate prize in the 2020 presidential election. But is it in play for Democrats? The answer depends on ever-elusive Latino voters. Will they get out to the polls?

By Valerie Menard

Starting in 2018, the Trump Administration began separating children from their parents at the border. Two years later, where are they? While some are with their parents, others remain in government custody.

By Christine Bolaños

Veteran political operative Chuck Rocha has seen it all before, but this time around it’s different. He‘s with Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign and is making Latino outreach a priority.

By Patricia Guadalupe

Rocky Egusquiza is the Executive Director of the Miami Marlins Foundation. She shows young people in South Florida
that you can be a champion
in life as well as on the
 baseball diamond.

By Lauren Rigau

David Velazquez offers the advice to keep learning. It’s something that has
powered his own career
as CEO.

By Patricia Guadalupe


The rules may have changed, but Americans are still going to Cuba. Here’s how to go,
and what to watch out for if you do.

By Ana Radelat