Strong Choice

Latinos approve of Tim Kaine.

By Patricia Guadalupe

Venezuela in Chaos

Things are getting worse.

By Ana Radelat

Good Investment

Technology for Latinitas in Austin.

By Valerie Menard


Raising Suspicions

Enrique Castillo is out for vengeance.

By Roberto Ontiveros

Thinking Big

By Mark Holston

Deep Cover

The Infiltrator in deep cover.

By Bel Hernandez


Power of Perseverance

By John Coppola


Jackie Puente and Roger Young

Javier Palomarez and Gary  Acosta

Angela Arboleda and Nely Galan

Our listing of Latino events for 2016.

Valerie Menard

Valerie Menard and Rafael Romero

Dubraska Vale Lazardy

Celebrating Young Americans.

Alfredo J. Estrada

Mary Lou de Leon Siantz,
Patricia Guadalupe and Amanda Martinez

Bill Emerson

Rosemary Ravinal

Alicia Smith Kriese and Jamie Schanbaum

FALL 2016


No Show

Making History in Havana

 Telemundo is surging past the competition with new programming, creative community outreach, and top ratings. An exclusive interview with Cesar Conde.

By Rosemary Ravinal

Emerging  LGBT networks are having an impact on the Latino commuity. But there’s still much work to be done.

By Esther Cepeda


Latinos are bracing for the possibility that Trump may actually win. What would that mean for our community? Also, what is Trump’s Hispanic council?

By Patricia Guadalupe

Most Latino celebrities don’t like Trump. There are a few, however, and we tracked them down in Hollywood.

By Bel Hernandez

Corporate America is reaching out to Latino veterans with more than just jobs. A look at some programs that work.

By  Patricia Guadalupe

There were tacos before there was Texas, and they’ve come a long way. Austin’s Taquero en Jefe takes us on culinary journey with tortillas.

By Mando Rayo and
Jarod Neece

For the first time in more than half a century, an American cruise ship sails into Havana Harbor. And it won’t be the last time.