Will Latinos Tip the Scales?

On November 6, Latinos could switch control of Congress from Republicans to Democrats. But will they come out and vote?

By Ana Radelat

Not Politics as Usual

Mexico’s newly elected president, known as AMLO, promises change for his beleaguered country. Sound familiar, but will he succeed?

By Estevan Balderrama


Pocho’s Progress

Alfredo Corchado remembers his Homelands.

By Roberto Ontiveros

Emotive Explosions

Opera thrills the old-fashioned way.

By Mark Holston

Evolution of an Assassin

The violent saga of the Sicario continues.

By Roberto Ontiveros



The Taínos are still with us, at the Smithsonian.

By John Coppola

Tainos at the Smithsonian




Cristina Antelo and Felix Sanchez

Anne L. Alonzo and Sonia Reyes-Snyder

Kevin Hilton and Fernand Fernandez

Carlos Orta and Maria Salinas

Our listing of Latino events for 2018.


Patricia Mota, Monica L. Martinez

By Dubraska Vale Lazardy

Robert Renteria, Mary Lou De Leon Siantz and  Raquel Aldana

Alfredo J. Estrada

Governor Tom Wolf

Noerena Limon and Cerita Battles


International Flavor

Rita Jaramillo



Alejandro Castro

STEM Education

Raquel Tamez


FALL 2018


Chef for the World

New Vision

Rising Star

José Andrés built a culinary empire, starting with the ground-breaking Jaleo in Washington, DC. But when Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, he was on the ground feeding families in need.

By Patricia Guadalupe

The plight of Central American refugees has been in the news, but why are they leaving their own countries to brave the perilous passage north? It’s complicated. For an answer, we have to look at Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

By Ana Radelat

Will Texas turn blue? That’s long been the hope of downtrodden Democrats, but this year it might happen in the Senate race. The reason is Beto O’Rourke, whose fresh, energetic charisma threatens to send Ted Cruz packing.

By Valerie Menard

Change is in the air at the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the leading Hispanic  business organization, which is celebrating its annual convention in Philadelphia. Here we talk to the executives and board members making it happen.

By Patricia Guadalupe

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a genuine political sensation.  This fierce young Boricua from the Bronx toppled the Democratic establishment and is coming to Congress in November. Wait and see what happens.

By  Roberto Santiago

When people think of Iowa, they think of corn fields, not corn tortillas. But Des Moines’ fast–growing Latino community is there to stay, and building their dream of a better life.

By Stephanie Sanyour

It’s important for corporate America to recruit and train Latino veterans, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s good business. Here’s how some of America’s top companies are doing it.

By Valerie Menard